Mast Brothers – Cocoa Nibs


I’ve neglected this blog. I did not neglecting eating sweets though. I went to Salon du Chocolat, baked many cakes (and even macarons), ate chocolate bunnies… But nothing I took pictures of to write baout here.


But today, after a day of pampering (we went to a thermal bad & sauna this morning) and cleaning, I ate the last pieces of this Mast Brothers Cocoa Nibs bar and decided it’s time to write about it. It’s still one of the bars my sister brought me back from New York last fall.

The packaging is simple and minimalistic; with again a beautiful paper used. The cocoa content of this bar is 72%; the list of ingredients is printed on the back: Cacao, cane sugar, cocoa nibs.


Inside, the bar is wrapped in gold foil (as were all Mast Brother’s bars I’ve tried so far).


I like the way the bar looks; the cocoa nibs are clearly visible on the back (and fall off the bar… not so great when sewing white curtains). There is already light cocoa blooming, but I’m sure that’s 100% my fault. The aroma of the bar is promising; acerb and like roasted cocoo?


The bar has a clear snap and is crunchy (and not only because of the cocoa nibs). The crunchyness leads me to chew the bar, instead of letting it melt. I had to force myself to let it melt.


Tastewise… it’s sweet at the beginning, a little citrusy (I think), and tart. I like it; especially the crunchyness of the texture and the cocoa nibs.


And now that the bar is gone, I can continue sewing on my curtains.

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10 thoughts on “Mast Brothers – Cocoa Nibs

  1. Sewing white curtains whilst nibbling on chocolate?? Oh, Silvia :P

    Your day of pampering sounds delightful! So does your baking extravaganza, and the Salon (bummer to hear it was overpacked when you were there, though). When I had the Cocoa Nibs bar last July, the packaging had knots on it… I think I prefer that wrapper:)

    • I’m sewing the thingies on to hang the curtains on the curtain rail. It’s easy done on the couch, and I often work on it in the evening…. and there, the chocolate is not far away. But I’m sure the curtain is still free of chocolate stains.

      I like this wrapper as well. It’s very simple and clean, similar to the chocolate bar.

  2. Ooh ooh ooh! I have this Mast Brothers in my stash! (It’s my last one :( ) My packaging is different though, so now I’m wondering if all of their packaging is haphazard and not specific to the flavour?

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