Sprüngli Milch-Chocolade

Here is another Sprüngli product, after last week the second in a row. This milk chocolate bar came into my home together with this one. It was a gift… I’m normally not the one to buy milk chocolate bars.


This is the plain milk chocolate bar from Sprüngli. It comes in a box, and inside the box there are two thin bars. My box is slightly broken, the bar was sent by post.


The list of ingredients and some blurb about Sprüngli is printed on the back. The list of ingredients reads: sugar, cocoa butter, full milk powder, cocoa mass, butter, soy lecithin and vanilla. Cocoa content is at least 37%.


Tastewise, the bar is milky, has a good melt. And it’s a little boring. Not enough chocolatey for me. And not rich enough for me. I think I had better milk chocolates before…. or for sure less boring ones. I can’t find a flaw in this bar, but it has absolutely no edges.


It is a pretty bar. I like the Zürich flag and the Sprüngli emblem on the bar. I like that the bar comes in two thin bars.


But I won’t buy it for myself. It was an ok gift, and I could finally try this one. I had bought the Criollo bar from Sprüngli before, but never the milk chocolate one.


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