Duffy’s – Star of the Dominican 65%


Finally I’ve come accross another bar of Duffy’s. I wrote about the Peru bar more than two years ago, and as I’ve not yet found a place where I can get Duffy’s chocolate around here (but I admit, I have not been very actively looking), I had to wait until somebody went to London and brought me back another bar. This bar has been bought in the Paul A. Young shop in Soho.


This bar is made of fair trade and organic cocoa liquor from the Dominican Republic. It’s a 80g bar, and at £4.50, it comes not cheap. The list of ingredients is found on the back: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin. All ingredients are fair trade and organic.

The wrapping is quite simple, a paper shell and golden aluminium foil. Compared to a Lindt bar, it looks very home made.


And if you wonder about the blackberries on the pictures… when I took the pictures of this bar, we went berry picking. And I thought they might make a good accessoire to the chocolate. The berries, peaches and plums are also the reason I don’t get to eat that much chocolate at the moment… we have so often a fruity dessert, that I don’t even think about chocolate (shocking, right?).


The mould of the bar is simple, just plain pieces the perfect size for eating. And as the bar has a nice snap, it’s easily possible to break the pieces with the tongue, which accelerates the melting process in the mouth.


I really like the taste of this one. I can’t say I detect the Delicious soft strawberries with a rich smoky Lapsang Souchon aftertaste. they describe in the tasting notes. But this bar rocks. And it’s a shame that I just put the second last piece of it in my mouth (I’m eating chocolate, drinking red wine and writing this blog post. That’s the perfect kind of multitasking). The bar has a good smoothness, having it in the mouth is the equvialent to lying in bed in your PJs. It’s just pure comfort. It’s fruity, chocolatey and the aroma lasts quite long. And it works perfectly with red wine.

So good in fact that I could sit the rest of my life on this couch sipping red wine and eating of this chocolate bar. Too bad, that I’m eating now the last piece, and that my glass of wine is also empty.

The bar can be ordered from here.

2 thoughts on “Duffy’s – Star of the Dominican 65%

  1. I think this is one of the least impressive looking bars I’ve seen on your blog but it certainly sounds good and I like the way you included berries in your pictures. The smoky lapsang taste sounds right up my street, even if it is barely detectable.

    • I don’t know if the lapsang taste is noticeable or not…. I’m just really bad at describing tastes and comparing them to other know tastes (like the strawberries or the lapsang). Maybe for you it would clearly taste of lapsang.
      For me, it just tasted very, very good. The bar is completely different from a Arriba Ecuador bar, where you have these prominent cold/minty/liquroice aspects. This one here is all warm and fuzzy, like a blanket to snuggle in.

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