Tiroler Edle 70% Purissima, no sugar


This is my second Tiroler Edle bar. The first, one, I bought myself in Vienna, about three years ago. This one here was a gift from my sister.
The Tiroler Edle chocolate bars are milk chocolate bars with milk from Tyrolian (very cute) cows. The chocolate (couverture) for the purissima bars are from Domori (for the filled bars, it’s from Felchlin).

I like milk chocolate bars with a high cocoa content. In fact, I absolutely loved the bar I tried before from Tiroler Edle. But this bar here, is the first bar I ever tried where the whole content list is cocoa mass, milk poweder and cocoa butter. There is no sugar in this chocolate.


I have a sweet tooth, I drink my coffee usually with sugar, and I like sweet chocolate bars. So, the first piece I’ve tried of this bar, the somewhat tartly, dry almost furry feeling in may mouth felt strange. But then, the chocolate started to melt, and I experiences a fruity, creamy, strong chocolate flavour.
While I can’t say that a little bit of sugar would be fine, I have to say, this bar works the way it is.


It would also work with sugar. As is shown in the 75% bar I tried before. But it also showed me, that I do like bars without sugar. I didn’t like the 100% cocoa bars I’ve tried before (uneatable for me). But with milk, the cocoa gets fine (as in refined) enough for me to be palatable and enjoyable.


And the bar works excellent with a glass of red wine. Here, it’s maybe even better than a bar with sugar. Pure harmony.

6 thoughts on “Tiroler Edle 70% Purissima, no sugar

  1. Interesting. I can’t eat the 99% and 100% cocoa bars either, and I’d think that sugar-less chocolate is not very tasty but I’ve got to try this one (or similar ones) someday.

    • For everyday use, I definitely prefer the chocolate bars with sugar. But for something different, the sugarless bar is interesting to try.

  2. Does the addition of milk not interfere with the cacao notes? What’s the point of using pricey couverture from Domori if you’re going to taint it with dairy? It would be interesting to experiment with such a bar for ganache, though!!! Love the effort you put into the photos.

    • Of course it interferes. As does everything you add to the cocoa. I would not call it tainting. Sure, the taste of the cocoa is attenuated, but at 70% of cocoa content, I need some attenuation so that I can stomach the cocoa.
      The whole point of the people behind this chocolate is using first class products to create something good. They start with the milk, add local fruit spirits (for some bars) and use high-end, fair trade cocoa. For me, it works.

      Thank you about the pictures!

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