Etisa – Vinschgauer Marillenschokolade


Yes, we visited South Tyrolia again last year. And I bought another bar from Etisa. Last year it was red currant, this year it’s apricot. The chocolate has it’s name from the biggeds river in South Tyrolia, the Etsch (or Etisa in old German).  Venustis, the company where Etisa belongs to, is situated in the Vinschgau valley. And apricots are omnipresent there, that’s why it’s sold as a local product. The couverture is from the Swiss company Felchlin (Grand Cru Maracaibo 66%, Sur del Lago).


The list of ingredients is found on the back: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecitin, bourbon vanilla, apricots, appel pectin. The information is given in German and Italian.


Together with the chocolate, a small booklet is given, which gives information about South Tyrolia, the apricots there and the cocoa used for this bar. On the picture, you can see the church tower of the village Graun, which is nowadays situated in the artificial Reschen lake.


The chocolate itself looks nice and clean. It’s quite thin, and the single pieces are large. As the filled chcolate does not break that easy, the big pieces are good to manage. And the chocolate is too good to eat a small piece anway. The chocolate bar has a nice snap, I guess that comes from the thin chocolate layers and the Felchlin couverture.

Tastewise, the chocolate and the apricot “jam” do harmonize well. I think the red currant one I bought last year was maybe a little bit better, because of the higher acerbity of the red currant. But the bar was anyway a nice after dinner treat, which did not survive for long.

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